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Tuesday, January 25, 2005

Oscar Nods and More

Yeah, stand by your opinions and live by it. No bandwagoning please! Oscar nods are out and I'm glad that Clint was nominated for Best Actor. And the Maria Full of Grace girl. I'm cool with that.

Also, check out Q's 50 essential tracks you need to download. I also listened to the new Hot Hot Heat song Goodnight Goodnight and I like it. I am also excited about the new New Order track Krafty. Can't wait for them to tour again - even if I saw them years ago. Al mentioned the U2 tour with Kings of Leon and he definitely wants to watch them. Right now, I'm downloading the new Beck. Have a trip to the beta Google Video too (via stereogum).

On another note, I just started work yesterday again. Woohoo. Sad how some peeeps are not there anymore (yup, a lot of lay offs) but its all good - more work for me, hehehe. Anyway, I felt comfortable coming back coz I know the people around me already (and I felt so happy when they welcomed me back). Al prepared my baon for the day and since he's off, I was so happy to see the house so clean (when I came home) and dinner ready! Big props for mah big daddy (who also did the laundry). Wahoo! Now he's laughing coz I'm trying to write like a hip-hop teenage kid. Oh well. No harm in trying, right? Anyway, I have been spending more time in myspace. I got mah soundz, mah peeps, and mah blog. Aight!


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