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Sunday, January 02, 2005

Short San Fran Trip

Al went home early today from work to my surprise - yipee! So we spent our time cleaning our place and doing laundry (finally). I'm so glad my cousin Twilight (who was visiting from Canada with her fiance) called coz I lost her contact number since she last called few days ago. Oops, my bad. Anyway, she only has three days left before they go back to Toronto so I thought of finally meeting with them since they're also in the area. I was reluctant to meet with them earlier because I was so sick and I was scared that they would get sick too (and we all know that the flu is highly contagious). We met up at Serramonte, the so-called Filpino's Mall since it is the mall in Daly City, a city that is also called Little Manila. Twilight was looking for a Johnson & Johnson salonpas for her mom but unfortunately they didn't have it there. Anyway, we then drove them to Cliff House so they can check it out. And it's good timing coz they get to see the newly renovated Cliff House. The only bad thing was the rain and the dark sky. But they enjoyed the view. Inside was just so nice and you get to see the ocean, of course. Then we drove up to Lincoln Park and the California Legion of Honor. I stayed in the car since I was still sick while they took pics with their Kuya Al. Funny how Al got to convince security to let them in without admission. Whoa! Then after posing next to 'The Thinker', we drove up some more to Baker Beach, the infamous nude beach of San Francisco (and you can have a magnificent view of the Golden Gate Bridge), although I'm pretty sure there's no one there at the moment since it's raining. Then we passed by Robin William's house which Boyd pointed out (I didn't even know that, haha, and I passed it so many times). I just knew the house where they shot his movie Mrs. Doubtfire, hehe. Anyway, it was a fun short trip and I wish I was feeling better so I could give them a better tour, although I didn't have to coz they've been to most of the SF tourist spots already. Too bad our trip was cut short coz they have to head back to pick up Boyd's sis from work. Maybe next time and we really wanted to drive them around.

Click this link to view some pictures of the cute couple.


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