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Saturday, January 29, 2005

The Smurfs are Back

Okay, I'm not sure how long they've been back but while I was channel surfing today, I saw an episode of the lovable characters The Smurfs on Fox. Awww, childhood memories...

I also wanted to apologize for not blogging for a whole week because I have been extremely busy. I usually blog even if I'm busy (I always squeeze in time for anything that I'm up for) but unfortunately, this week was just hectic. I was sooo happy when it was finally the weekend!

Anyhoo, here's a recap of what went on during the week - Johnny Carson died. Wasn't he recently on TV coz he started writing for David Letterman? He is the ultimate talk-show legend and will surely be missed. The Ashlee Simpson Show is back - don't they still get it? It's not about the acid reflux or the lip-synching, it's about the lying and finger-pointing! The racist Tsunami Song get on people's nerves, the Paris and Nicole show A Simple Life is back and Nicole gets the front seat, Ben Gibbard was in town for a Tsunami Benefit concert with Red House Painters guy Mark Kozalek (this band is also one of my all time faves).

So on my kick-back weekend and in the spirit of Graham Coxon coming to town in March (am sooooo excited), I uploaded some old indie track classics from the early 90's, right above Hot Hot Heat's new single Goodnight Goodnight (see my radio blog by clicking the 'music station' link on your right). Enjoy!


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