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Friday, February 25, 2005

Advance Screening

Yes, tonight we set out to the Embarcadero Center Cinema to see an advance screening of Millions, a film by Danny Boyle who also did Trainspotting and Shallow Grave. I got invited to the special screening so I called them back and RSVP'd weeks ago and totally forgot about it. After coming home from work, my cell suddenly played Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand (hehe) and alarmed me of my schedule around 6:30 pm when the showing was actually at 7 pm. We really thought Al and I wouldn't make it but no worries. The cool thing was, we did make it in time and had a few minutes to spare to buy some popcorn. Then the host and Danny Boyle came out to speak. I was star-struck, but I was also bummed because I left my cell and my digicam at home. I usually bring my cam but today, I forgot to bring it. Sucks. I would've had a good shot of him too coz I was just five feet away (with no obstructions since we were in front of the crowd but not sitting in the first row (the first few rows were empty maybe purposely). Then the movie started. Very interesting colors. Very interesting characters. Very interesting story. Interesting casting (the kid actors are just adorable and perfect for the roles). Very spiritual. And of course, the music was also very interesting. I heard some song in the end that almost sounded like a mix of The Farm's All Together Now with a choir. They also had some Muse in some scenes. Yey! The movie is also funny. A lot of Manchester and British references (of course) and I'm glad the director's there to explain it all. And the movie seemed different from what Danny Boyle is used to doing. But I like it a lot. They also mentioned that it will be in the movies for the public to see on March 18. Anyway, I recommend it. I also found out that the screenplay was written by the same person who wrote 24 Hour Party People. At the end of the movie, he came out again and explained it even more, with lots of questions and praises from the audience. Coolness! I still wish I brought my cam to immortalize this once in a lifetime event. It was a nice night for us - a free good movie, a free movie poster, and free validated parking, hehe.

Also, in recognizing Black History Month, I wanted to mention a surge of cool black artists. I saw a 'Download' program on MTV the other day and Razorlight played live. I only saw some parts of it. Then this guy named Saul Williams came after them who I thought had it going on! His words were powerful and his style was cool. Consider me a fan now. Then tonight on a late show (with that British dude), I just saw two cool black violinist playing their hearts out. Wow!


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