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Thursday, February 03, 2005

AI Conspiracy or Not?

Did you guys watch American Idol last night with auditions held in San Francisco? Did you guys see the rapping white dude that had a certain funny charm? Anyway, I heard that his name is Chris Wylde and that he IS an actor. The question is, did he really audition to be the next American Idol? Did he audition just for kicks? Did he go on TV for more exposure? Did he go on the show as a 'planted' actor being paid by producers to make the show more interesting? Hmmm... In the past seasons, I always thought that the show did have so-called 'planted' actors just to get ratings. Sometimes, I would question the 'singing hopefuls' who were perceived as crazy or awful singers because some seemed too exaggerated or obvious. I don't know but I just had that feeling about the show, like how some talk shows don't really have real life situations and have actors playing certain parts coz some of the situations are just so outrageous. Man, I guess American Idol thinks everyone is gullible. Oh well.

On The Apprentice news - a Martha Stewart apprentice? Hmm, interesting...


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