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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Annual Eye Exam

Yeah, Al and I had our annual eye exam. We wanted to get new prescriptions since we both wanted new glasses. Al lost his glasses last year and he's having a hard time seeing the roads at night while driving. I also want new lenses (but I'm keeping my frames). We had a really cool (and funny) doctor giving our prescription. He dilated our eyes to check for diseases. Man, I hate that part (and the air puffing part too). He said Al's eyes are almost too good while mine was pretty bad (considering I have astigmatism). Now comes the hard part - looking for the right frame. We went to five different optical shops and Al couldn't find one that he liked (that wasn't too expensive of course). I also noticed a re-emergence of what I call 'JFK glasses' - are those back in style again? Just saw a few people sporting them including Craigslist owner. We're still on a search for Al's frames (man, he is so hard to please).

On a gadget note, I am still on an iPod frenzy (need to rip more music). Checked out iTunes and their free download and featured artist of the week is Kasabian. Awww, I love that band. Too bad I have it already. As for my cell, I stopped downloading RealTone ringtones and went back to cool polyphonic midis. My latest download - Mr. Brightside by The Killers and Maps by Yeah Yeah Yeahs (sorry they didn't have newer modern rock ones). I am still looking at their list. UPDATE - I also downloaded an RPG game called Dawnstar and more tones like Take Me Out by Franz Ferdinand and Confessions by Usher (haha on the latter - that was for my 'lil sis so that when it plays, I'll know she's calling).


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