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Friday, February 11, 2005

Aww Shucks...A Wabbit!

Just had a cool sighting this morning on my way to work. As I was walking to enter my building, a rabbit zoomed right in front of me. I think 'lil wabbit is lost (and scared).

Anyhoo, I made a boo boo (yeah that rhymed). I hope Al doesn't get mad but late last night, I made a purchase for a new iPod, personalized with my name engraved at the back (in case it gets lost, hehe). The engraving's free anyway so might as well take advantage of it. I tried cancelling the order but they shipped it already. Oh well. I guess its really for me. Its fate for me to have it, haha! Al also got four tix to Graham Coxon last night. Am excited about this one. The 22-20s are opening for him and Popscene is celebrating their anniversary. Wow.

UPDATE - Oh mi gosh, I called Al after work and he was so happy because he passed by the Mac store in Stonestown and said he finally bought his iPod shuffle. Everyday it was sold out so today, he went earlier since he got off work early and purchased the shuffle (finally) while waiting in a long line of people who wanted it too. Then I broke the bad news (but good news to me). That I ordered my iPod online (yep, I don't want to take my chances in a line of people only to find out that its sold out so I order my stuff online, hehe). As for the tix, I just found out that my half-sib Charlene got four tix too from Mod lang. Now we ended up with four extra tix. Good thing she said that a friend of hers is going. And then two friends of mine agreed to go as well. Now we have one extra tix. Any takers?


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