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Thursday, February 10, 2005

Cellphone Switch-a-roo!

I was so glad to get my paycheck (after a hectic work week with lots of projects and transitions) so I planned to indulge myself with a new cellphone. I was also inspired by a PCWorld blog entry I read earlier (although I wish I had a Treo). I have been drooling over this flip phone I wanted since last year (see previous post here) but good thing I waited. Coz now, I got myself a Samsung cell with video (not just picture) capabilities (with sound) and a lot of space. Finally! Yes, I am shallow. How shallow you ask? So shallow that I cried while watching the House episode last night, hehe. Hey, I deserve the new cell, and my plan is excellent (am fully satisfied coz its cheap and unlimited anytime). And I was checking out RealTone ringers. What did I get? Float On by Modest Mouse (although I'm not really a fan but it's alright since I couldn't find better ringtones) and Louis XIV's Finding Out True Love Is Blind. Yeah, I very much like the latter. Am giving my old cellphone to an old friend so she can use it. And now, Al wanted to buy the iPod shuffle. Since I bought something for me, he thought it would only be fair if he bought something for himself too. Haha!

On beta news, Friendster has added another feature similar to My Space - chat capabilities. They are also adding blog capabilities as well. More My Space features are being implemented into Friendster. I bet they're gonna try to make their pages customizable as well. Hmm... On a disappointing note, my tag board has been down forever! Man, I should switch to tagboard. I'm hoping it'll be up soon. Sorry guys for the inconvenience.


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