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Saturday, February 19, 2005

The Chinese Parade

We spent a rainy Saturday today being spectators of a popular annual event in the city - the Chinese New Year parade in Union Square. It was a loud and colorful event as usual. Maybe it was more colorful because of the open umbrellas everywhere (just kidding, it was raining hard at first). We didn't have an umbrella but we were so lucky 'coz the rain stopped as soon as we stepped foot from the parking lot. We didn't reach the start of the parade (since we spent a lot of time looking for parking) but we were able to see most of it. The parade was lovely, and my fave parts were the kids doing their spectacular programs. Oh, I always liked watching marching bands play too and some of the martial arts demo. It was being televised as well (that's the marketing part of it) but nevertheless, I was glad to be a part of the 'Year of the Rooster' celebration in SF. A lot of participants were 'clucked out' so to speak - they were wearing a lot of chicken costumes. Anyway, the loud part was the finale when a long dragon passed by with very loud firecrackers (and a lot of it) in the background. You could already see smoke.

After the parade, we got sooo hungry. We walked towards Tad's Steakhouse on Powell. I haven't been there in years and we were glad that we were in the area. We ordered their famous steak (of course, very well done) and some clam chowder. We got there in time before the line got too long. Yummy! Below are pics of the parade -

A very cool dragon float with scales made of CDs.

The Golden Buddha float shooting lots of gold glitter.

The guys had a treat with the beauty pageant float.

Check out the children walking on stills. Very cool.


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