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Saturday, February 12, 2005

Jomar's Birthday Bash

I am so tired today. I spent my whole day in school. Good thing it was the last day of my winter class too but that means I have to quickly finish my projects. It was a long day because I'm sleepy. Last night, I had a tiring day at work plus I had to go to school at night until 9:30pm and had to drive a long distance (and cross the bridge) just to go home. By the time I was home, I was sooo hungry and tired. But I didn't sleep just yet. I spent my remaining night playing literati with mah friend Anne. But we kept getting disconnected so we had to start over again which prolonged the game. After another disconnection, we just gave up and called it a night. It was fun although we didn't finish the game. I woke up early to make it to class and I was late! 15 minutes - not too bad. It was hard to stay focus at school but I managed. I was satisfied with my final project anyway.

Then Al kept buggin' me coz we had to go to a party at 2pm but I don't get off 'til 4:30pm. While I was driving home, Al went to Target to buy a bday card (yup, at the last minute, we decided to give cash instead since we had no time to buy gifts). We got to the party around 6:30pm and I just missed my bro and Camilla! They were waiting for me but what can I do! I had school and Al actually had work too but he got off earlier than me. Anyway, I needed to see him because I still need to get my invitation for my cousin's wedding in Canada since he has it. I have to make plans ahead of time before it's too late. Oh well. Anyway, Jomar is sooo cute! He made happy and sad faces to us! He is sooo smart! The food was excellent! Of course, Ate Conching was there too! She makes the best dinuguan I ever tasted! Too bad she didn't cook it, hehe. And in the true spirit of Filipino parties, we had some food to go! Haha. I was also glad to see family that I grew up with. They drove from LA to be with Jomar. Awww. But there were also faces I didn't want to see. Ewww. At home, I logged in to check my email, and another old friend May wanted to play graffiti. This is the first time I tried it and its sooo much fun!


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