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Sunday, February 13, 2005

Naan n' Curry Day

As soon as Al came home from work, we picked up a friend in the city to go to Telegraph Ave in Berkeley with us. Al wanted new glasses since he lost his old one. He ended up not getting one and we window shopped around. Al almost bought me these gray New Balance sneakers since the store was closing and everything was 70% off. Good thing I changed my mind, hehe. I also wanted to get a gray Cal Berkeley hooded zipped-up sweater but they were so expensive. Oh well. We got so hungry that we decided to try the Naan n' Curry in Berkeley. So cheap and yummy! We usually go to the one in SF but never tried the Berkeley one.

Anyway, we also decided to pay a visit to my sibling. My niece, Camila, is so grown up now! She is so cute and adorable. I'm glad she grew up coz now I'm not to scared to carry her. I get scared of carrying babies sometimes because they are so fragile. We had some of Ab's brownies since we ate dinner already. Camila was crying a lot though. Poor baby! Here's a pic of Camila that they gave me yesterday!


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