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Friday, February 04, 2005

Plagiarism on the Net

I got this from an email from Sassy Lawyer...
I came across via Google. I was shocked to find that many of my blog entries had been plagiarized and posted there. The "bopis" recipe in was copied, word for word, from my food blog The Board Master who calls himself "Fireman" is a plagiarist. Princeedward is also a plagiarist. The pork satay and pinaupong manok recipes, including the photos, were also copied from I am demanding for the removal of Fireman and Princeedward from the forums and all their postings deleted. I have posted the above in the forums. But it will help if I can have your support. Whatever form of support will be appreciated, whether blog entries or otherwise. If you know of any other blog entries that have been plagiarized, please post an entry about it in your blog or in PinoyBlog. Let us mobilize our community in the fight against plagiarism on the internet. Thank you.

Anyway, classes started for me today. I just added the class, hehe, since I almost forgot about it and rushed from a busy day at work to get to class. My professor, who still remembers me, was glad that I went because some people didn't show up. Anyway, as usual, I had fun. I got home around 10 pm shocked to see the backyard grass trimmed (it was nice) and excited to eat dinner (believe me, I was starving). For dinner? Tapa marinated and fried by Al with over-easy eggs on the side. And for dessert? Cheesecake! Please stop me! Haha!


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