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Sunday, February 06, 2005

Superbowl Sunday

I don't really watch football unless its the 49ers and I wasn't really into the teams coz I don't really know them, hehe. So I was wondering why Al was sorta rooting for the Philly team. Then I found out that good 'ol Terrell was there, duh! I wasn't even thinking what team he was on when he came out with that controversial commercial with Nicolette Sheridan. He really played hard today. By the way, I still have my signed Terrell Owens card when me and my cousin Mickey bump into him in a mall plaza in Foster City. Yup, I was inches away from him and was able to say hi. And I'm keepin' it! I wonder if Mickey still has his though...

Anyway, what I really wanted to talk about was the half-time show. I didn't see much of the commercials (except the Heineken one with hottie Brad Pitt which I though was cool). I wish I saw more but then again, the hyped anticipation for the ads just turned me off, although we have to expect that most of them would be either funny or innovative. But if I think about it, the hype is corporate-produced so they could effectively sell their products, such as liquor. All commercials, whether they are shown at that time, or on regular rotation should be good anyway, hehe. I did see Sir Paul McCartney though! I thought I was gonna miss him coz we were watching another show but my instinct told me to change it back to the Superbowl. Talk about pyrotechnics! I wonder how they're gonna top that next season! At first, I thought I was gonna sit through a boring set until he sat down to play the piano and sang Live and Let Die. What a show! He rocked the house! And then I got goosebumps with Hey Jude while the whole crowd started singing. Just not sure about the patriotic theme though. I thought that was really tacky. Sorry to disappoint the kiddies - no boobies this year, haha. I wish I was there. Just seeing him live would have been worth it.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Too bad the other Beatles weren't there, it would have made it more worthwhile! Go Patriots! Go Brady! Hey Cin, save that T.O. card for Jadon, okay ninang....hehehe

4:38 PM


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