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Sunday, February 27, 2005

Thank You Oscars...

...for giving the award to deserving folks. Oh, and thank you for making my day, or more like late night. I say late night because I wasn't around to see it live, and I had to record the whole show. I did set my timer at 6 pm and I missed the first 30 minutes of the show when Morgan Freeman won because it started at 5:30 pm. Sucks! I really wanted to see him win. And thank you Oscars for giving the award to Charlie Kaufmann (Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind) who I think really, really deserved it. I was rooting for him in the Golden Globes but he didn't win. And I really believed he has the best screenplay, and I'm glad the Oscars recognized that. I was jumping for joy, hehe. And of course the big winner was Million Dollar Baby which I was always rooting for Best Picture and they won! Woohoo! Although Clint got beat by Jamie Foxx (by the way, we can't deny the fact that he was really good in Ray), he did win the much deserved Best Director award. Oh, I was glad when he mentioned Monterey County. Yeah, represent! And Hillary Swank was an obvious winner coz she was really good in the movie. That was a complex character to play. And of course, Morgan Freeman which I was so happy about because he is just an amazing actor! Yey! Congratulations to the winners. I just finished watching it on tape and it's 12:15 am...

Around the time of the telecast (live with a 5-minute delay), Al and I met with a friend in Menlo Park because she was helping me with some business. We drove to Campbell (while showing us around Menlo Park) to meet with another lady at Starbucks who was helping us too. We planned to watch the Oscars but this last minute appointment didn't make it possible so we opted the next best thing - record the show. I guess these are the times we needed TiVo, but we used the good 'ol VCR instead, hehe. My friend gave me a pair of candles and cool containers that match our furniture as a late xmas gift. How unexpected. After our meeting at Starbucks, she asked us if we wanted to eat dinner (her treat) and we consented. I was happy to be in a cool area in Campbell which seemed like a night spot as well. Buca di Beppo was just near Starbucks and some other brewery/restaurants, so we stayed and decided to eat at Buca. Of course, I warned my friend that their servings were huge. And as usual, we didn't finish everything. Dinner was good, and I was glad to spend some quality time with her. We had fun. She knew we wanted to watch the Oscars but told her we're not in a hurry. Got home around 10:30 pm and missed all of it. But no worries, we have it on tape - and the good thing about it is we can skip the commercials and boring categories, hahaha! Is it just me or did you guys also notice the 'blackification' of the Oscars? Is it a gimmick or PR move? Hmm...It's absolutely great that they recognized these great black artists! Hooray!


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