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Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Tracking My Shipment

I guess I just wanted to share this because its funny to me. Everyday, Al and I keep checking and tracking the status of the personalized iPod I ordered online. Here are the results so far from the FedEx site (some redundant parts were deleted) -

Feb 13, 2005 1:31 am - Package in FedEx location - SHANGHAI CN
11:55 am - Arrived at Sort Facility - ANCHORAGE AK
3:48 pm - Left FedEx Sort Facility - INDIANAPOLIS IN
Left FedEx Sort Facility - OAKLAND CA
Feb 16, 2005 8:06 am - On FedEx vehicle for delivery - SOUTH SAN FRANCISCO CA

Wow, my iPod had traveled a long way (lucky iPod coz it traveled more than me). I hope its still intact. Go figure - outsourcing and cheap labor. UPDATE - Yey, it's finally here. I think Al's more excited than me (but he has the shuffle already). I was more excited to see the engraving (and check if they messed it up). It was sooo cool! I had my name and my blog title engraved on it (to reflect my music). I downloaded 312 of my mp3's in there (that's a lot of songs) and I barely used the space. The quality is just great and I can't wait to connect it in my car and home stereo. I need to buy more accessories - ahhhhh. MORE UPDATES - We went to the Mac store in Stonestown the other day and Al bought me a silicone case for my new iPod. Awww. I bought a Belkin FM Transmitter and decided to go back the next day to exchange it with the iTrip which I liked better (since there were no cords). I also got a Belkin car charger. Man, this is such an expensive hobby, but at least now I can play it anywhere. Oh, and it matches my small white Bose cube speakers. Cool!

The long awaited shipment is finally here!

The engraving at the back of my iPod.


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