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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

Another Horrible Day

This time, its really horrible! I am soooo very depressed right now! I can't believe that these things are happening all of a sudden. I had a tough day at work earlier so my spirits were down. When I went home, Al cheered me up a bit by treating me for a barbeque dinner at Manila Express (although he didn't like it). Went home again to rest, watched Lost and got ready to see the Bloc Party concert. We were stalling until past 9 pm because there were two opening bands tonight and the concert starts at 9. My sibs were excited but since Nat drove, we were gonna meet them there. They had some trouble with their tix (Nat's name was not on will call) but they made it. After the very fun and excellent Bloc Party gig, we walked towards the car and noticed shattered glass. Someone broke into my car! Argh! We checked inside and the culprit stole everything! From my vehicle info and registration, to my CDs, iPod, car chargers, my Ralph Lauren Polo Sport purse and Kenneth Cole wallet (stupid me left it in the trunk), an Eddie Bauer tool set, my Calvin Klein prescription glasses, another silver framed prescription glasses with clip-on sunglasses, all my credit cards and other forms of identification, and my social security card. I am so depressed. I called my credit card to put a fraud alert and close it. My sibs tried to cheer me up by lending me their Kasabian and Kaiser Chiefs CDs. But now my Death Cab for Cutie and Postal Service CDs are gone! My heart was broken when they also stole my iPod and I have a ton of mp3s in there already. Ohhh the horror! I immediately called 911 and reported it to the police, but they just told me to file online or call early tomorrow morning since its not really an emergency. Al was devastated. I decided to call in to take care of things and have the car fixed. Man, and we've had our van window repaired just recently as well. If you have any information or saw anybody lurking about in San Francisco on 17th St. and Texas near Bottom of the Hill around 9:30 pm til 1:00 am, please let the police know. Or if anybody witnessed it (or knew who did it). Why, why, why? Double argh!


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