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Friday, March 04, 2005

A Busy Work Week

Okay, it's time for a recap of this interesting (or maybe not so interesting week)... It's been very, very busy lately. Lots of projects, and upcoming projects that sometimes make me feel totally overwhelmed. Nevertheless, I have to work for the money (to survive economically, of course). But don't get me wrong, I ain't complaining coz I love my job and I love what I do. The people around me are cool too. Had a Thai lunch in Belmont last Wednesday with fellow co-workers to relax a bit. Worked my butt off the past days. Came home only to work some more (on my freelance stuff). There's people leaving work, and new people coming in. Then finally got my check only to spend it on bills (and it's still not enough). I can't believe that I owe a lot of responses to people (email, friendster and phone) just because I didn't have time to respond and call people back. Hay naku! My apologies. Now I caught up. Hay salamat!

I bought Al a silver mini iPod (plus a silicone case) today after work at the Apple store in downtown Burlingame (it was also a nice little walk around the area). I told him to order it online instead so he can get it personalized but he was so excited that he wanted it right away. Then we went to Costco to finally have our glasses made (yey, Al finally decided on a frame). He wanted the JFK glasses which is becoming a trend (I saw Craig of Craigslist sporting it, plus some celebrities wearing it) but I did discourage Al from getting it. So he decided on something less obvious. We had an interesting lady help us. She was very, very funny. I'm glad I had a good laugh. Then we went shopping for our baon stock for work. After a bit of relaxation, guess what? I have to work again, hehehe...


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