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Tuesday, March 22, 2005

A Cold Gloomy Day

A tornado hit South San Francisco which is odd. My boss was off today coz he's sick. I've been so busy despite that (oh the stress). Never really caught up with my sleep, making me more sleepy. Had a hot chocolate break with a co-worker. Wore my coat inside the building, haha. Yep, the effects of this dark and cold gloomy day. Went home to check out another place with Al. Also, the other day, our van's driver side window got hit by a rock. Our neighbor was mowing the lawn and hit a rock that flew so far with so much pressure that it hit the window and smashed it. Funny how at the time I told Al to go out and buy me some cookie dough ice cream at 7Eleven and as soon as drove back and while he was parking, he saw the whole thing happen. The guy gave him some money to repair it anyway. Phew! Today, he finally had it repaired since he's off. And good timing because it might rain even harder. Hmm, I keep wondering why these things keep happening to the van - first the flat, now the window. Anyway, came home to some adobo that Al was cooking for dinner. Watched American Idol (shhh) and House at night. Yep, a typical cold gloomy day...


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