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Monday, March 21, 2005

Dinner in Menlo Park

I need to catch up with my sleep! Anyway, after a busy day at work (and I mean really busy day), Al picked up a friend in San Francisco and me at work to meet another friend in Menlo Park for dinner. She said she was gonna cook dinner for us and I do miss her pinakbet. I was so hungry that I was ready to eat! Instead of pork on her veggies, she put shrimp and salmon pieces. Yummy! I like the salmon twist to the dish. A first for me. Anyway, she was also helping me and Al wih something something, hehe, therefore the purpose of our visit. After chatting for hours with mint chocolate ice cream and some green tea on the side, we decided to hang out at Denny's in Palo Alto (just across Trader Vic's where a former boss, myself and co-workers used to eat lunch) and stayed there until 1 am. Funny how it was therapeutical at the same time productive. An idea was born. One day, on a rainy Sunday night at Denny's in Palo Alto...


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