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Sunday, March 27, 2005

Happy Easter To All

We didn't really do anything today except look for a place, hehe. The month is nearing its end so we were rushing to find one asap. We have a prospect but we were still looking for better ones. We ended up driving around the area in the rain (odd weather today too). We got invites to celebrate Easter but I just needed this weekend to take a break from the hectic month at work and at home. I wrote my Letter of Intent to get into a program in school (yes, again). So hopefully I get in and pray for me. Next step is to get the money to cover for expenses, haha. Hay naku! I also helped my cousin Michelle on her resume and other stuff. I also set this day to do a missing webpage but I guess I just didn't have enough time. I also got a call from my family in Wash town. Wahoo! I'm glad to talk to Lola because she just got out of the hospital! Anyway, happy easter everyone!

While driving around, I decided to change my ringtone to The Ceasar's Jerk It Out. I'll keep it until I get annoyed by it, haha. I got tired of my old Modest Mouse one and I'm not really a fan anyway. Too bad the former is not a real tone but a nice midi one.


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