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Friday, March 11, 2005

Kasabian SF Concert

Oh yes people, I am still on a Kasabian high! Ahhhh... I was giddy like a little school girl last night, haha! Left work early since it was a nice Friday afternoon - warm but nice (although I much prefer cold weather). I have been waiting for this day for months - to see Kasabian live! I think this was their first concert in San Francisco, and they even said that the city was the best place they've seen so far! Yeah! Imagine Lil' John say that, hehe. Anyways, they were opening for The Music (and you'd think they'd be headlining). There was another opening band before Kasabian called Morningwood which was surprisingly good. They're a New York band, although the lead singer's from Berkeley! I went with my hubby and two younger sisters who wanted to see Kasabian as well. And boy, was that a show! It felt like a little rave scene for a while (minus the ecstacy, I think). They had crosses on their necks (must be the British religious upbringing) which I thought was so endearing, and they kept thanking San Francisco. Yey! The Music came after and the singer could dance! They were a good band (reminded me of Jane's Addiction but with a metrosexual style) but I could not finish the concert, maybe because I was too tired. And my family was also tired and dehydrated as well, hehe. Al got me some water while the kids went to the restroom, and who do we see while waiting?!? Kasabian's guitarist, chief songwriter and sometimes vocalist Sergio Pizzorno! So being star-struck, we asked him if we could get a picture. Al got his shot with him, and me and Nat got ours too (while we got a huge hug). Woohoo! Anyway, too bad Charlene was still in the restroom. Click here to see that special pic. Afterwards, we ate at Mel's on Geary coz we got hungry and my sibs treated us! Awww...thanks you guys. Dropped off my sibs and got home around 3 am. I feel sorry for Al coz he had to wake up early for work and he had one hour sleep remaining. Oh, I also bought tix to see The Bravery in May. We're also gonna see their free show at Amoeba too. Other upcoming free shows in Amoeba - Graham Coxon and Hot Hot Heat. Below are more pics of the best concert I've seen this year -

Opening band Morningwood from New York.

The amazing Kasabian on stage at Slim's SF.

Another shot of Kasabian's Tom Meighan.

Kasabian's cool guitarist Sergio Pizzorno.

The Music lead singer rockin' the joint.


Blogger giovannie pico said...

sooo jealous ... :-)

12:54 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Hi Gio,

I didn't see this comment until today. My apologies. I didn't know you liked Kasabian...Yeah, we were lucky! (as Napoleon Dynamite would say)

--- cindy

1:17 PM


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