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Sunday, March 20, 2005

The Mighty Graham

Woke up early today, not sure why. Maybe coz I got used to waking up early for work, or maybe coz I was anxious about seeing Graham Coxon in town! I was so psyched up! Went out in the morning for an early appointment for a place I was looking at. Then cleaned up my place a little bit coz my friend was coming over few hours before the concert to learn a few computer software tricks. Anyway, we got hungry so we went to Max's in SSF for a quick dinner. On our way, my other friend called to let me know that she can't make it to the concert coz she got sick. And this just a few hours before the show. Poor Anne! The place was packed so it took a while for us to get a table (and food) although everything was good! After a hearty dinner, we drove to SF to try to make it before the concert starts. The tix actually said 8 pm but they didn't let people in until 9 pm. And the concert started at 10 pm. There was a bit of fiasco on our part because we were in line and a couple tried to cut in. That was messed up! My friend was kinda pissed at them and told them off. Anyway, as soon as we got in, we got a free sampler CD with cool songs (including Graham's single) and the place was surrounded with black and red balloons! The club is celebrating their 9th anniversary, ya know, so it's a special event that night. And the tables were covered with glitter, flyers, whistle blowers, anniversary pins, etc. You gotta understand how special this concert is - I don't remember Popscene ever selling advanced limited tickets (btw, the tix were cute too in clear plastic). And they tried to hype up people by not revealing who's gonna perform at their anniversary celeb but gave hint though everyday that lead to - the mighty Graham Coxon, formerly of Blur. And you gotta understand, Popscene is named Popscene because of the indiesters Blur who also had a single called Popscene. Am I confusing you yet? Hahaha... We got a corner table that could only fit 6 people and there were seven of us, including my half-sibs and her friends so we had to pull an extra chair. Then it was perfect. Nobody really drank anything except Al who had two beers. So obviously I had to drive home since I was the designated driver.

Anyway, back to the gig. The 22-20's first came on stage and immediately sang their single that I liked. And I wasn't even ready to watch them since we rushed from our seats to get near the stage. I left my coat on the table so I can save it, but when I went back to get my coat, people took our table! How rude! And they put my coat on a chair. Sucks! Anyway, they're gonna get their karma (like some peeps, hehe). So I went back to were Al was at in the crowd, on the left side, second row. We kinda snuck ourselves in but it was easy coz the spot was right next to speakers. So in place of earplugs, I got my trusty tissue to do the trick! Anyway, after the surprisingly good 22-20's, people kept pushing me towards the center as I kept getting closer and closer. Then the MAN finally came out after much anticipation from the crowd. People were so excited as they danced to the spinning music while waiting. It was a very, very good concert and I was surprised myself. I though it was gonna be a bit mellower but I was wrong! He really rocked the house, early Blur style! Wow. Amazing! And what was more amazing was that he sang 20 songs and talked to the crowd all the time and talked to us like we were just conversing with him. He's such a nice guy. I like that. Oh and btw, he was wearing those JFK glasses too like Al's, hehehe...It was a long set and I don't remember any band do that! Ahhhhh, just listening to him made me feel I was in heaven, hihihi. Oh and Al made my day when he managed to get the long set list while my sib got a Graham Coxon poster from the wall. I am always amazed on how he manages to get set lists, hehe. That concert was well worth the money! I was also so tired after the gig because it seemed like a two to three hour concert minus the opening band. I also heard that he played a free set at Amoeba earlier too. We got home really late, past 2 am. Below are pics of the gig at Popscene -

Opening band 22-20s on the Popscene stage.

Graham Coxon rockin' on stage in San Fran.

A sweaty Graham Coxon still rockin' the joint!


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