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Tuesday, March 29, 2005

More Tragic Moments

Hay, wierd month! I just got a call that my older sister is in the hospital and is still in ICU. She just suffered a stroke and she's not even old! I think she's really stressed out because she works, goes to school, has a family, and is getting married in a few months! I am so bummed and I feel sad about that. The irony of it all is she's a doctor too! I hope she recovers soon. I immediately called my younger brother, my family and my mom in Wash town. And I was scolding people especially my older brother, telling him not to stress himself out! Man I keep telling them... So stubborn! Anyway, I should start an exercise regiment too...

By the way, I also moved to a new cube at work today and I love it - black file cabinets, black chair, white board, etc. Haha, I guess I'm shallow. This is my 4th move to date. But nothing can beat my first cube which was huge and was almost near the window. And it was really quiet there. That I loved. I also liked my second one but I didn't really stay long there. But I like what I have now, although I did move to another floor.


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