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Friday, March 18, 2005

Slow Jam King Film

We got to see it finally! Al and I drove to San Jose for the opening night showing of Slow Jam King. I didn't even know it was opening night in SJ too coz the SFIAAFF in San Francisco started last week. Anyway, the film was hilarious. As I got my tix at will call, the director Steve Mallorca (who won an Emerging Director award from Asian CineVision) and his other half (who shares my first name, hehe) was by the door greeting viewers. So I got to shake his hand and ask some questions. Coolness! As we went to the third floor where they were screening the film, I saw a familiar face, mister fest direk. Glad he remembers me. Anyhoo, the night opened with introductions and ended with a Q&A session from the director and two cast members who played main characters in the movie. They even flew in from New Jersey. The main character has a last name similar to my married name and uses a first name which is also a character in a children's story I wrote. Darn! I liked the movie and they claim to have a Wes Anderson style, Al's fave director. The movie was also followed by a gala reception but we didn't go anymore because it was too late and Al had to work the next morning. We also had to drive all the way from SJ. I never really stayed late in the SJ downtown area, so my impression of the city nightlife actually changed. It was quite lit up and happening in some spots. I like.

SFIAAFF is also kickin'! We wanted to see the Korean uber-gory film and Cannes Grand Prize winner Oldboy on Sunday but we have tix to see Graham Coxon that night. Oh well...

On another note, I just registered for a class at Stanford University. Am kinda excited about it but won't be happening until May. But I'm more excited about our late dinner (since we didn't go to the reception - sayang free food). We had tapsilog, hehe.


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