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Sunday, March 13, 2005

Sunday Wake-Up Call

I was sleeping soundly this morning and had intended to do so until noon time (haha) until I heard my cell vibrate (it was on silent mode coz of my 'sleeping through the morning' intention). I actually thought it was just my calendar alarming me of my sked today, but then I heard a beep. I instantly knew it was a voice mail message so I checked it. Some lady who I didn't know was asking for me and referred to my full name so I assumed, at first, that it was a creditor. But as I listened longer, it was a message from a call box operator who wanted to connect me with Al who was stranded on the freeway. My heart was racing as I got up from lying down in bed, making a mad rush to my car with my hair still messed up, grabbing my coat really quick and racing to the door with one slipper on my foot. I knew that he was on his way to work so I immediately thought that he was on the freeway since the message came from a call box. And the message didn't really tell me much except that Al needs to be connected which he didn't since I didn't answer. My bad.

So as I drove the freeway going North, I got another call from another call box operator and this time I was on the other line. He immediately connected me to Al and was relieved that the problem was only a flat tire. Phew! Geez, I thought something bad had happened or that the van needed to be repaired, thus more expenses. And the funny part was, why was he calling me if the problem was just a flat tire? Simple. The wrench was in my car, not in the van. Duh! Of course, how can he fix it if he doesn't have it? I guess we've learned our lesson - to have the right tools on every vehicle at all times. As soon as I got there, I parked behind him, but the vehicles passing by scared me because of their high speeds. I feared for my life and Al's since it will take a while for him to replace it with the spare. That means he'll have to be on the side where that flat was at which was near the side of the freeway, not the one against the curb. Sucks! But He did it in a happy spirit, calmly called his employer that he will be late due to a flat, and began changing the tire. We were actually having fun this Sunday morning doing that together, hahaha. Boy are we shallow. We were even taking pictures and laughing about it. Anyway, you can see the low res cell pic by clicking here. Now, I can't go back to sleep.


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