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Wednesday, March 23, 2005

A True Bloc Party

T'was a kickin' party when Bloc Party performed. Everyone was jazzed up from the opening band Erase Errata (who were good by the way, kind of experimental and reminded me of Romeo Void). But because of my horrific incident after the concert, my happiness subsided too soon. Anyway, the band was a diverse bunch, two cute white guys playing the guitar, a black lead singer, and a very cute asian drummer. People were moshing and dancing away. I was in a good spot too. Again, Al was able to get the set list. Wow, I am really amazed. My sibs made it to the concert which made me happy too. There was a bit of fiasco on their tickets and they initially couldn't get in. Anyway, below are some pics of the concert -

Bloc Party's first visit in San Francisco.

Lead guitarist on Bottom of the Hill stage.


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