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Sunday, March 13, 2005

The Vagina Monologues

Later today and in commemoration of V-Day, Al and I went to Herbst Theater (right next to the War Memorial Opera House) in San Francisco to watch the benefit production of The Vagina Monologues sponsored by the Filipina Women's Network. Cast and crew were all Filipina and you can just feel the power of pinay women in that room. Giovannie Pico, fil-am ER actress who was also in the show, gave me VIP tickets since I did her site. Our seats were orchestra, front and center. I just found out later on that the tix were $100 bucks each! It also included a reception which we didn't go to (sorry) since we were late. Man, that is sooo cool! Thanks so much Gio and congratulations on your awesome performance! She was also the cover of the diaries/program they were handing out. Parts of the show were funny, while at times it could be very touching and revealing. I really admire the cast who were on stage who had the guts to talk about vaginas! Hehe. At the end of the show, recognition was given to certain Filipina role models in the community such as highest ranking Filipina politician Velma Velasco and of course, Giovannie Pico, who they called Vagina Warriors. I even saw an old acquaintance (sister of an old dear friend, Noel) just by the row in front of us (but on the left side). Oh, by the way, you can check out her new site by clicking here. I still need to fix the site though. Below are some pics of the event -

Recognizing true vagina warriors.

The FWN cast and crew of the VM.


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