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Saturday, March 12, 2005

Web Dev by the Ferry

After last night's event, I only slept five hours before waking up for my next appointment. Amazing enough, I did wake up early on a beautiful Saturday morning. Made it at the Ferry building in SF to meet my programming coach for the first time at Peet's Coffee and Tea. Odd choice for lessons because the historic building was packed with tourists and locals doing their morning farmer's market shopping. So you can only imagine how noisy it was. We've been planning the lessons since last year, but we only pushed through with the plans today. It was very nice over there this morning, with a mini street fair going on and an upscale farmer's market. I bought my Peet's mocha, although I don't really drink that much coffee. In this case, I needed to wake up fast! Anyway, the tables were full and lines were long, so we walked towards the Embarcadero to find a Starbucks with a few people in it. Perfect place for the lessons. Anyway, imagine me bringing my Peet's coffee inside a Starbucks. Hahaha! I don't really care coz my guru bought something at Starbucks, hehe. I had my lessons and learned a lot. He was really nice and good in explaining stuff. Such a smart guy! We'll have more sessions next month (coz my sked is just too full for this month).

Anyway, Al and I were supposed to go to a baby shower party today but Al was just too tired from work (plus he only had one hour sleep). Poor Al! He is actually sleeping right now at this very moment. I'm still not sure if we're going. Tonight, we were also gonna watch the film Slow Jam King with my younger half-sibs at the AMC Kabuki in Japantown and to support the SF Int'l Asian American Film Festival going on this week. I guess I will have to call them and decide not to go to the screening since Al is still sleeping. We also have to pick up his new glasses. Should I wake him up? Sneaky, sneaky me...

UPDATE - I did wake him up (shame on me) but he was in good spirits. We did pick up his new glasses and he's lookin' so cool to me, hehe. Anyway, we did go to Kabuki but Nat said the movie was sold out and the lines were long so we decided to just skip it and maybe try to see another movie on Tuesday, Cavite, hoping that its not sold out. Cross your fingers. We might see it in SF while they're thinking of seeing it in Berkeley.


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