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Saturday, March 05, 2005

Website Launch

I slept late and woke up late since its the weekend and I'm off! Woke up just before noon to try to make it to the bank. Anyway, I was sooo glad that today was such a lovely day coz I've had enough of the rain. The sun was shining bright and yet it wasn't that hot. I planned on opening a money market IRA but decided on a CD Roth IRA instead because the rates were higher (although I'm still opening a money market). So I was happy about that. Then went to mail my bills - am happy about taking care of that too. Then paid my cell. Tried this tapioca joint called Q-Cup (although I don't like tapioca) coz I was around the area and I was hungry. I was glad coz they had rice and calamari. Then went to a friend's coz he needed my notary services, hehe. After months of notary hiatus, I am needed, haha. He gave me two mugs (one for Al and one for myself), some danish pastries (yum), and personalized keychains for each of us. How cute! Again unexpected but highly appreciated. We also drove to his sisters house and hung out there to do notary as well. She gave me a bunch of baklava and cooked it too!

Anyway, Al suddenly called to let me know he's home from work. Went home to finish up a site I was working on since it needs to be up soon before a press con (and soon is tomorrow, haha). But unfortunately, I need more time to update it so for the meantime, only a few pages are up. Still needs a lot of work though. But you guys can check out the newly revamped site by clicking here. Hope you like it. As a reward, I got promised a pair of tix to see a Vagina Monologues event. Coolness! I can feel the good karma flowing in...


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