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Wednesday, March 02, 2005

Yahoo's 10th Birthday

In celebration, they are giving out a free scoop (on a cone or cup) of Baskin-Robbins ice cream to those who have Yahoo accounts. So Al and I went to Westlake to get our share. Sure enough, there is a line (although it wasn't that bad coz I expected a longer line) of people with their print outs and paper on their hands. Haha. It was also obvious that some people just came from work because some of them are still dressed up. Funny how they were parking their expensive cars and wearing their business suits, but still try to indulge in something free. Hehe. See how Yahoo! looks like 10 years ago in 1995 -

As soon as I came home too, Al pulled me towards my laptop and showed me the GAMH website. He was showing me the upcoming sked of concerts in March which had Ian Brown on their calendar. The Stone Roses is one of my all time fave bands but I think I'd rather see Graham Coxon of Blur, hehe. Maybe if John Squire was with Ian Brown, I'd go, haha. Anyway, have you guys heard about Bill Gates being bestowed an honorary knighthood? Wow, see what money can do...Also, I was just trying Friendster's new features. Wow, they now have a photo album and blog (powered by typepad too) just like My Space. Bring on the competition! I'm still sticking to my Blogger.


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