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Monday, April 04, 2005

Congratulations to Al

for another milestone achievement. You're the man! Hehehe... To celebrate, we thought of having dinner at Lanna Thai (I was also craving for some caramel covered fried ice cream). He deserves it. I am sooo happy! I told him to call his mom right away.

On another note, my younger sib just came back from a cruise to Catalina Islands and Puerto Vallarta. Wish I could go on vacation. Oh wait, I just asked for the day off on Wednesday, not to go on vacation, but to take care of some things - lots of things. Hay...

Also, I thought I should jot this down on my blog so I would remember about last night. Al and I saw a dear friend on TV while watching the news. That was a trip. I called her today to tell her I saw her and she was happy. I was teasing her that she's a star (for a few minutes) and that made her day, hee hee.


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