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Saturday, April 02, 2005

Death of the Pope

Oh my, the Pope just died at age 84. We were stuck on the boob tube the whole day today to wait for any Vatican statements and to see how he's doing. I am saddened by his loss. A lot of people were in St. Peter's Square to pray for the Pope and there was a solemn silence in the air even with the presence of thousands of people. You could hear the sound of bells tolling and people were praying in silence at St. Peter's. We prayed too for the unification of the Church and for the Pope and Cardinals. Al kept consoling me because I was crying. We both wished that we could fly there for his funeral. Let's all pray...

Also, today is Lola's birthday. I called her up in the afternoon and they were having a little get together. When I talked to my cuz, she said that Lola doesn't know that the Pope died because she would really get upset. My cuz reminded me not to tell her. Shhh.


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