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Saturday, April 16, 2005

Lola's Short Visit

I am so happy that Lola is here. Yesterday, Al and I visited her at Jep's place. We called first to make sure they were home but found out that she was in the hospital. It pissed me off to know that my brother didn't even bother calling me. Anyway, we brought her some cream crackers which she requested. I told my bro to drop by today at our place to bring Lola. I called him up in the afternoon and asked them where they were. He told me they were going to San Jose to meet Ab's cousin's. I asked them what the occassion was thinking that there must be some valid reason for me not to see Lola in her three day stay in the Bay Area. And he said that they were just gonna eat dinner there. C'mon, they can always see the SJ cuzins anytime but I would be seeing Lola only until tomorrow. How selfish. Anyway, that pissed me off today. The nerve. And I told Jep last Thursday and even emailed him my address.

Anyway, I also spent the whole day today configuring my friend's computer. She was so happy to have internet! Woopee! She even cooked us lunch consisting of fried rice and crab! Yummy, I was sooo hungry that I ate with my hands, Pinoy style! My cousin in LA also called me to convince me to go there tomorrow for her graduation on Monday. I was so happy for her, and I mean I am very proud of her accomplishment. I wish I can go but tomorrow? How? I have work on Monday and Al has work tomorrow. And she told me last minute too? She's so funny talaga. Oh well. She did mention that she will have a grad party here in the Bay Area. Hope I can see her then. Anyway, congratulations Michelle!


Blogger Hector Drone said...

Has anyone listened to the new Hot Hot Heat album? Is it as good as their first two releases? I hope... it's better actually, becuase, ok, singles like "Bandages" are not exactly your avearage monthly releases but, boy.... there have been many fillers on that Warners album - am I being unfair?...

3:27 AM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

I didn't listen to the whole album yet but I heard some of their singles from their current album (also see my radio blog on my right side bar). I like 'em better than the first.

9:34 AM


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