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Saturday, April 30, 2005

My Arms are Shaking!

Ahh! Finally, I get some downtime tonight. After a hectic week at work (my goodness, I had a project that I finally finished by Friday), my right arm and eyes are now sooo strained from so much web planning and production. I am actually glad its almost over, but as usual, by Monday, there's probably more work. Today, Al and I drove around the Bay Area to look for hmmm... By afternoon today, we were so tired that I finally got to watch some TV. So what should I watch? Some G4, IMF, FUSE, BBC, HGTV, movies, or maybe... At night, I still had work in my mind so I checked my email (since my boss told me to check them over the weekend in case things change). I was actually relieved that there were only two emails from him and nothing urgent. Phew! But I don't mind doing some work anyway. I did ask for a raise though. With all the hard work I've been doing and with gas prices going up, I deserved it! I hope I get it since we are in the process of... Scary but we liked what we saw today. Al loved it! Unexpected but maybe meant to be...


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