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Monday, April 18, 2005

My Worst Nightmare

Over the weekend, I have heard the most unintelligible conversations in my life. Hello, earth to...

Moi: Our company has so many clients including government agencies trying to implement biometrics systems. So they bought [insert company name here].
Not: Oh yeah its like someone I know who invented a chip for [insert company name here] that was being used [insert purpose of chip] so he receives compensation for that every month.

Did I miss something? Okay, there really is no correlation between her response and what I had just said and I didn't say anything just to be polite. But boy, that was hilarious! But I guess I'll just consider the effort. Here's another...

Moi: Let's be hopeful for Bush because he might enact laws that are beneficial to us regarding [insert special interest here]
Not: Excuse me? I am anti-Bush because I have to. My organization donated 1.5M to the Kerry campaign.

Okay, please tell me that was intelligent? Not! I personally don't declare myself a Republican or Democrat, although most of my political beliefs are mostly democratic in nature (with a mixture of Republican ideals depending on an issue). Why would anyone's political belief be swayed because the organization you worked for donated to a politician's campaign for their own special interest? Don't you have your own opinions, beliefs? My take is that the nicely worded 'donation' or 'gift' are subtle forms of bribery anyway to sway politicians to vote for legislature that would benefit certain groups and individuals. How funny! Oh wait, maybe she didn't know that my AA degree is in Political Science, hehe.


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