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Wednesday, April 13, 2005

Say What? Brit's Preggy?

So I guess the rumor is confirmed - that Britney Spears is pregnant. Not that I'm a fan or anything but it's just interesting to see what her life would be like in the next couple of months. I guess I'll have another guilty pleasure once her new reality show launches.

I went home from work early today because I wasn't feeling very well. And I hated going since I'm busy at work. Good thing I didn't get additional requests today. My tummy's been acting up since last night and I wonder if I have the stomach flu. I thought it was going to go away but it seems worse around noon time. So I decided to leave work early. Good thing because an hour later, I felt so nauseated, very dizzy, and weak.

I wish I could get better tomorrow. My family is driving from Wash town today to leave Lola with my younger bro for a week while they continue on to Vegas to attend a wedding. I am so very, very excited to see Lola, and of course family.


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