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Monday, April 25, 2005

The Surprise Party

Interesting day yesterday. We originally planned to go whale watching at Monterey but had to cancel since a dear friend was having a birthday party - which he doesn't know about. His family organized the event and asked me if I could be the decoy. Exciting isn't it? But I had to be convincing with my acting. Not a problem. He still thinks we were gonna go whale watching anyway so I stuck with that plan until the surprise. So many flops during the day too. First, I totally forgot that Al was working. Second, another friend was obliged to go to church (since she had to guide someone). Third, people kept feeding me with their own plans and it kept changing (e.g. the dialogue, etc) and it was messing up my set-up. Oh well. But with my acting skills, it should be no problem I thought. I had to explain myself with every situation and stalled so long that I thought he was gonna hint. Good thing he fell for every explanation I had to give and every frustration I had, hehe. Here are the details to the surprise...

He called early in the morning to wake me up to get ready for Monterey. I told him I wasn't ready and stalled to chat some more (about things that interested him that I saw on the internet). He therefore told me to print it. I kept printing and it made him so interested that he told me to pick him up right away while we wait for other friends to get ready. So I picked him up, pretended to open the trunk to get out of the car. As usual, he brought out some bibingka, apples, cds, and flyers to give to me. I told him I'm not ready and so are the others that he thought we shuodl wait until they call. So I cooked breakfast while he went on the internet and surfed away, therefore stalling even more. We ate breakfast, finished a movie and I got ready afterwards after another friend said she was ready for pick up. I told her to head out to his house so she can be part of the surprise while I stall even more, pretending to drive and pick her up. While driving on the freeway, I told him we had to stop for gas to be ready for the long trip. That was my point of contact to the family as well. I paid for gas and told birthday boy that I lost my wallet and I must have dropped it either at home, on the curb where I parked, or when I picked him up at his home. He was concerned and suggested that we trace our steps back to his home. I told him that we should check my place first maybe its just there. As soon as I got home, I pretended to check the curbs, the streets, then the house. He was searching too which cracked me up inside. That was also point of contact number two. I told the family that they should get ready and I'll be there in ten minutes. His friend called him (who was in the plan as well) to ask him where he was and he said he's going Monterey with friends but that we had to go back to look for something). Hilarious. The plan was full proof until his older brother called me on my cell to say that he found my wallet and license. Birthday boy suddenly thought why he called me instead of him. I had to explain a way out of that thought and situation as well. So it was okay. As soon as we parked on his driveway, I asked him, if I can use the restroom. He said yeah and as soon as he opened the door, everyone screamed SURPRISE. That was a very endearing moment. So sweet that family was willing to do that for him. Anyway, happy birthday dear friend! You deserve the best!


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