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Monday, April 11, 2005

Weekend Blog Hiatus

Normally, weekends are the time to blog since I'm off work. Unfortunately, the weekend was very hectic for us. I missed a free mini concert with Hot Hot Heat at Amoeba last Friday because we started moving our stuff to our new place. Then I also forgot an appointment I had Saturday morning. By Saturday afternoon, we finally finished moving our stuff and cleaning up our old place. What a relief! Sunday, I spent the whole day fixing our stuff and I'm not even half-way done yet! Our place is so messy right now that it took me at least 20 minutes to find my glasses this morning (I thought I was gonna be late for work). My back was kinda hurting last night so I took a break by chatting with my mom on the phone. Wow, a first for me. I never really chat with my mom, but last night was a breath of fresh air - she was actually in a good and positive mood. Must be the prozac kicking in, hahaha, just kidding mom. It's also been sooo busy at work. This is the most work I've had so far. So expect me to crash again this weekend, hehe. I can't wait 'til its Friday.


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