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Sunday, May 29, 2005

Camila's Elmo Birthday!

Yep, the star of the show wasn't just Camila, it was Elmo, her fave character (see pic below). It was my first time at Kennedy Park in Hayward. The park had pony rides, a petting zoo, ice cream stations, a mini-train, inflatables where the kids can jump around, a carousel, and a tennis court. Cool area for a kiddie picnic. My bro had lots of visitors who, of course, brought their kids. Too bad my friends didn't make it (whaddaheck, they said they would show up but they didn't). Maybe they got shy with Jep, I dunno. Oh and someone had to work, bummer. Good thing my best bud was able to go and her boyfriend brought a nerf ball for the big kids to play with. Glad she made it and hung out. Also, there wasn't even much family. My dad and sibs are vacationing in Hawaii, while my older bro and family are vacationing in the Philippines (since my older sis who lives there just got married). Anyway, we brought our gift for Camila - click here for pic - since its a special first birthday for her. My gosh, I was so surprised that she can walk! She really is growing up so fast! I like her little pig tails too. Anyway, she was wearing a little pink dress and had pink and white balloons everywhere. We tried riding the train too like little kids and paid for it without knowing that Abs had free tix! Whadda?!? How come we didn't know that? I guess it was for the kids, hehe. Anyway, an Elmo mascot suddenly popped up to entertain the kids and I could see Camila mesmerized at her fave toy. Gosh, she has a massive collection of Elmo stuffed toys and watch his videos every single day - I'm just glad its not Barney! Speaking of toys, Camila also got tons of gifts! I was also happy to see Mickey who came all the way from LA, and of course, Jomar, my cousin Marv's son. People were shocked to see Mickey so tall too, almost taller than his kuya. Anyway, we were playing with Jomar who was just so adorable! At first he was shy but later was just talking to us so much, haha. He got a pony ride too - the pony in front of him was caca-ing too, hahaha! Nasty! The food was good (They ordered some, but also cooked some). I wish I could eat all. And there was plenty of barbecue for all! Oh, and don't forget the Elmo pinata!

The star of the show, birthday girl and Elmo!

Jomar with Camila's pink balloons!

After the picnic, Al wanted to see Star Wars: Revenge of the Sith at Union Landing since it was close to Hayward. Anyway, guess who we saw at the movies with her son and didn't go to the party? We surprised her from the back while sneaking up to her while her son was just giggling quietly since we told him to shhush. Hahaha, huli ka! That movie just gave me a sad feeling because the Sith conquered the Republic. I don't know why I hate watching about dark and evil stuff. Plus the movie was very predictable anyway that gave me some bored moments. Plus we all know about the Darth Vader twist so it took out any excitement whatsoever except for the action sequences (which was typical Star Wars) and didn't really blow me away. But then, it was interesting to see the full but predictable story on Darth Vader, how the Jedis were executed and exiled, and how Luke and Princess Lea came to life. Definitely makes me feel like watching the old episodes to this prequel.


Anonymous Sophia said...

o my GOSH!! i really wanted to go!! i WAS going to n i had an invite but it was going to be like almost during school and we ad to drive and stuf. so OMG!! send me summore pictures later.k? tell kuya jep i said HI! n same with camila and ate abby.
--luv pia!!

8:31 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Awww, too bad you missed Elmo! Hahaha! Then again I know you LOVE Barney! Bwahaha! Oh, and you missed Jomar's impersonation of Darth Vader - he actually wants to be the Darth-master! LOL.

10:16 PM


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