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Friday, May 20, 2005

Google While Bored

So, finally I got some downtime at work on a nice Friday. And what do I do? You guessed it - Google. They now have the option of personalizing your Google page which I just did (like page). My fave part was the quote and the word of the day. Yeah, I just learned a new word! Also, check out the company they acquired last year - Keyhole. Awesome technology for future 3D mapping. So now we can hover...

With that said, I leave you with 10 Things You Probably Didn't Know About Google. Fyi, I knew five out of ten, and used the translation tool at work several times when I handle international sites. But I think the most interesting to note is number 10. But I think they should've added the 411 SMS feature which is awesome (provided I can get it working on my phone - sob!) Anyway, I tried it few months ago and it failed me! Damn MetroPCS!

I also searched my grandma's name for the first time via the search engine out of curiosity. Freaky how I found one of her Letters to the Editor published on the The Olympian (oh and an old picture on a family tree page with her siblings). Man, she is so smart!


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