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Sunday, May 08, 2005

Happy Mother's Day!

I called up my mom yesterday to greet her a mother's day, and also a happy birthday. She did mention she was 62. Wow, I can't imagine her being that old. She does look young for her age. I also called up my grandma to greet her too but she can barely hear me, hehe. I wanted to greet my auntie but she wasn't home. I'll call again next time.

On another note, to celebrate Mother's Day (even though I'm not a mom, haha), I bought myself another iPod, this time a 40GB one instead of a 20GB. I got it on craigslist and for only $250 (came with a dock too). What a deal! Thanks Craig for hooking me up! I do miss my old one though since its more personalized (the one that was stolen while I was watching Bloc Party - this makes this band more memorable for me). And of course, all my mp3s were there (which stupid me didn't save). I lost all my Ben Gibbard acoustic tracks! At night, we had a nice dinner with some fried tilapia and mango salsa on the side (which Al made) with bagoong!


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