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Friday, May 20, 2005

Indie-Yuppie Winner

So finally they have a winner for this contest. Too bad I didn't win. There were a lot of responses to the question that an NYP article was written about it. That article hit me hard! Must they interview someone with the same profession as me? Well, I guess that makes me an Indie-Yuppie. Guilty as charged! Yep, I went through the punk/newwave/post-modern/modern rock/college/industrial/goth/grunge/ alternative/britpop/trip hop/electronica/grime/thriftshop/vintage/retro/metro phases from 1990 until 1998 (had a small break from all the hard rock/Creed hoopla - yuck!) The scene came back in 2000 just when my career was off to a start. Now in 2005, I still find myself in the concert scene but with more cynicism and less enthusiasm because of wisdom and age, and yet wanting to be who I was when I was a teenager (but with more income). Then again, I understand why some conversations at work are still about bands and films, and why some are sporting iPods - or why an iPod even became so marketable despite its expensive price. Yep, our generation of counterculture lies within Indie-Yuppiedom. Amen.

How indie-yuppie you ask? Tonight, after deliberating whether or not my husband and I were gonna buy groceries for our food stock of the week at home and for our work lunches, we decided to spend the money eating an almost $60 lobster and seafood dinner. Gosh, how embarassing!


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