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Monday, May 30, 2005

The Mini Vacation

Hope you guys enjoyed your memorial day holiday. We know we did since this is also a much needed get away. Just got home from a tiring drive from Browns Valley where Al and I spent the night at a friend's ranch. We originally planned to spend the holiday at Waterworld but thought that its too commercial and not as relaxing as my friend's place where you can enjoy country living and breath fresh air. As soon as we got there, we went straight to Feather Falls to play some slots and check it out. T'was my first time there. The place is small, but they had unlimited free coffee and soda, hehehe. We got there around midnight since we arrived my friend's place late at night. We also thought we were gonna get lost. While at Feather Falls, I went to my fave slot, Price is Right so I could have fun with the games and lost $20. Al lost the same amount too playing the slots. My friend played with $20 bucks too and won $1100! Lucky! I think I'm the good luck charm, hahaha. And he barely gambles too. So we had fun and headed home to sleep at his place.

The next day, we woke up and ate breakfast cooked by his relatives. I particularly liked the tilapia cooked in gata with green onions, black beans, and ginger. Yum! After breakfast, we went to Collins Lake which was just 15 minutes away from his house. The lake had camping grounds, picnic areas, boat rentals, fishing, jet-skiing, paddling, etc. People were bringing their RVs and boats too. Kids were playing on the little beach that they have and we also went swimming after putting on some sunblock. I can't believe that my friend and Al went to the deepest parts of the lake, while I stayed in the shallow part since I don't know how to swim, hehe. By the way, this was my first time swimming in a lake too. Anyway, we rested a bit and headed home. But when we passed by Vacaville, we decided to go shopping at Nut Tree since its Memorial Day (sale signs were everywhere). After some shopping, we definitely headed home because I still have work tomorrow.

Entrance to Collins Lake in Browns Valley.

Al posing in the picnic area by the lake.

My friend and Al enjoying their lake swim.


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