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Tuesday, May 31, 2005

Miss Universe Pagaent

As soon as we got home last night, we ate our little dinner which we ordered to go from Ling Nam (you know it, beef stew over rice) while watching the last part of the Miss Universe pagaent, Trump's little TV baby. Not that I have to drop everything to watch this event anyway. As usual, Miss USA was in the top ten (I wonder why, hmmm...) and Al's hopeful, Miss Latvia, didn't make it in the top five. They had special awards which put at least Miss Philippines in the Most Photogenic category. By the way, the winner of this category was determined by online votes, go figure! Funny too how they were trying to showcase bikini-clad women as smart college grads when they couldn't relate smart answers to go with their education. I wonder if Trump's new apprentice helped organize the event, hehe.


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