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Saturday, May 21, 2005

My Newest Toy

Okay, so in the spirit of true indie-yuppiness, I just bought myself a new toy, a new Nokia 6255i flip phone. So my old Samsung one will now be inherited by my hubby. I am excited with this new phone because of its mp3 player capabilities. Yep, you guessed it, I can now download lots of mp3s and play 'em like crazy! So you can just imagine how RealTone companies (who haven't been around so long) are now going to fade away. Too bad for them. I've been playing around with it and paired it with my laptop since it has bluetooth capabilities (woohoo, I was able to transfer huge mp3 files with ease, and even move my contacts list with little effort). Now, I am in a download frenzy! Of course, I bought myself a 64MB MMS card for all that good memory. Plus the keys and LCD screen are bigger, has a loudspeaker, video recording, FM radio, an equalizer, the camera has a higher resolution (yipee), and the body is flatter and has a titanium finish (my color of the year). I have preset my radio to my fave station, of course. But you have to plug-in a headset to make it work (you can also listen to the radio on loudspeaker). I guess I don't need to listen to my iPod at work anymore. This is good for radio companies, but I think this will be short-lived, provided that this feature will be upgraded by cell phone manufacturers to XM satellite radio. But I can't really complain, hehe. Really, really awesome.

UPDATE - I guess I'm really lucky that my wireless provider is carrying this phone. Even when I got it, my provider didn't even have a bulk shipment yet, and had limited stock so I had to get it from a dealer. Anyway, I'm enjoying it right now that everyday at work, I'm just listening to the radio over my headset and toggling sometimes to listen to mp3s (including ocassional sounds of the mp3 ringtone). I've been seeing ads on TV lately (see above) featuring this phone. Although there are also newer models (I'm sure they're developing even newer ones as we speak (hopefully with better UI), this is still one of the best CDMA phones out there so far (although for how long, I don't know, hehe). Also, I just found out that it can carry a card with 2GB. I wonder if this is true. Deng!


Anonymous sophie said...

whoa!! u gotsa fone with a video camera!!! AWESOME POSSUM!!! so sonce i cant leave a message on your chatterbox i'll just leave a comment.. kk? u gotsa NICE FONE!!!man i'm green with envy.
go take a look on my chatterbox n see who posted sumthin on it

8:54 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

dude, i've had a video phone (thats my old one that kuya al has now). its just that this new one can upload and play mp3s. you can also listen to the radio through a headset or even a loudspeaker. cool ey?

10:28 PM


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