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Friday, May 20, 2005

The New Apprentice

So, its season finale time. Trump finally chooses a new apprentice. I was rooting for Tana all along but up to the last two tasks, her true colors finally showed up. I started to think her enthusiasm also equated to phoniness. Anyway, I was also impressed with Kendra. And she was an obvious winner. She handled an EA sponsored event, its headquarters being so close to my work (actually passed by yesterday when me and a co-worker bought some lunch at a Malaysian restaurant). The senior manager who hired me now works for them too (who actually stopped by yesterday to visit). Yep, EA would've been a cool working environment in my opinion. Anyway, I wondered why Kendra would want to work for Trump instead, when she got offered a position by one of the sponsors. I guess she must be that good. But anyway, the prize seemed a bit sexist - to work for Trump managing either the Miss America pagaent or a renovation of a mansion in Palm Springs, while the past two winners got billion dollar building projects. Go figure.


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