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Thursday, May 12, 2005

The New Xbox 360

How exciting! The new Xbox 360 is now being shown to the public. Very nice design, I must say. Has customizable faceplates so you can choose whatever color you want. Thinner console too that's designed to fit any space. Pics have been leaked from an MTV taping and sure enough, today, I finally saw the console on MTV. The Killers even had a performance on the special. Not sure when Xbox 360 is gonna be out, but I hear around November? I heard the graphics are better than ever and that there were headsets and a camera too. Very cool!

Speaking of MTV, I think I want my IMF instead, hehe, since everything is global nowadays. Music is universal anyway. I just saw an interesting Finnish band called Don Johnson Big Band. It's like hip hop meets vaudeville. Oh and Tom Vek, hehe. I am also partial to FUSE. Oh and SIRIUS will have its own channel as well - or do they have it now?

On other good news - I forgot to blog earlier this week about getting the raise I was asking for and which I think was long overdue. I am still in the negotiating process of a higher raise than the one offered to me. Hopefully, I find out before this month ends. I am actually happy since we are in the process of... (to be continued)


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