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Saturday, May 07, 2005

SJ Flea Market

In the afternoon, as soon as Al came home form work, we decided to go to the San Jose Flea Market (I guess I got the sudden urge after watching to much HGTV). Our original purpose was to canvas furniture but ended up shopping for other things, hehe. We called up a friend who lives around the area and asked her for directions since I got lazy looking it up and so she can go with us. Glad she could since we were in her territory. It was a perfect day to go bargain hunting since the weekend weather's perfect. Spent the whole afternoon walking around. boy was I tempted to buy unnecessary things! Al bought a Giants jersey and a nice 49ers black bomber jacket with an embroidered maroon 'San Francisco' in front with gold trimmings for only $35. Just before we left, I was 'convinced' to buy a fake Louie bag for only $18 which had a nice design. I do try to stay away from the Louie's since everyone's wearing 'em but what the hay! I have two others at home that I don't use (one's a tote that I got from a garage sale and the other's a mini messenger-style one that I got as a gift) and Al has a huge travel Louie bag that we always use when we travel. I was looking for fake Burberry's but they didn't have any (haha, this sooo doesn't sound like me, shopping for purses). I'll try the malls, hehe. I'm not typically someone into brand designer stuff, but I guess I just wanted a purse since my old bag got stolen recently due to a car break-in while watching a Bloc Party concert. Sucks big time. We also bought a toy drum set and a car toy thingy for my inaanak. Also bought a Raiders shirt for the bro. Yep, he's a Raiders fan.


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