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Saturday, June 11, 2005

Extra Giants Tickets

Today, I woke up early to bring tapsilog at Al's work for lunch. Since I was out already, I decided to shop at Ikea for our new place. Didn't buy much except for a small area rug for our dining room and plastic sheets for the kitchen cabinets. I did get an idea though on the styles that the store was showcasing and the prices they were asking for accessories and furniture. Afterwards, I decided that I'm not gonna buy my stuff there, hehe. Guess where I went? The SJ Flea Market. Picked up a friend and headed there. She bought some socks for her baby and two pairs of shoes for herself. I bought Al pairs of dressy and sporty socks too. Anyway, my real purpose was for the furniture and I knew which one to order. Finally purchased it and had it delivered to our new place. I got a good deal too, with a sofa and loveseat, a coffee table and two end tables, and a high dining table with four chairs for $1200 plus $40 for delivery and assembly. Coolness!

After shopping, my friend gave me six tix to the Giants game tonight. Too bad she couldn't make it, so we ended up with three extra tickets. Such a waste of tix, and I couldn't find someone to use it the last minute. We did, however, bring her son along who was a Giants fan. We picked up Al and went straight to SBC Park. It was free pom-pom night, so Der got two free pom-poms. He also got a free Giants beach towel. The game was exciting because it was very close, especially the 9th inning. It took JT Snow to end the game and lose to the Cleveland Indians. Boo hoo. Anyway, the highlight of the game was when the camera focused on Der, showing his face on the big screen and on television. Yep,at least a few seconds of fame, hehe. We had so much fun. After the game, Al and Der bought wristbands and a deck of Fleer team cards.

Al and Der at the Giants game at SBC.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hey Cin, thank you so much for taking Derek to the game that night, he had lots of fun! Thanks for helping me out that night, you're a true friend!

7:47 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Hey Mo! No, thank you for the tix! Are you kidding? If we didn't have tix, we wouldn't have enjoyed ourselves. Too bad we couldn't use all of 'em though. Oh, and its our pleasure to bring Derek. Such a good kid. We enjoyed every moment with him.

12:41 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

Let's go to another game, I have some discount coupons at work and maybe we could bring Jaden too.

6:19 PM

Blogger Indie Cindy said...

Yeah, and this time we'll drag Mo, hehehe.

12:42 PM


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