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Thursday, June 02, 2005

Migraine-tion Nation

Woke up late today since I came in work late due to a change in schedule (only for today though). Today is launch day for a huge project that the whole team is undertaking. Therefore, we were expected to stay until midnight. I should've taken some vitamins because I am also not feeling very well. This morning, I was already feeling sick. Few days ago, I had stomach problems but I still went to work. I wonder if it was the stomach flu. Now, my throat hurts, my eyes hurt, my nose is running, and I've been sneezing. In short, am not feeling very well. I wonder if it was picnic related, the casino that exposed me to lots of people, or the lake swim that gave me this virus. And bad timing because we have this major launching too. As an incentive and reward for hard work, our bosses provided good Chinese food for dinner, and Jamba Juice cards for our usage. Woohoo!

UPDATE - Went home around 9:30pm and Al immediately whipped up some theraflu for me to help me get through the night. I'm also eating some Halls to help with my throat. Help!


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